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Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric offers global solutions for industrial automation systems and supports all production processes.

WiAutomation offers a wide range of Fuji Electric industrial automation parts.

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6KG1143007X1B1 Fuji Electric AF-300...

6KG1143007X1B1 AF-300 G11 Drive

AB12C-2064 Fuji Electric Control Panel

AB12C-2064 Control Panel

AF-300 Fuji Electric Drive - 1 HP

AF-300 Drive - 1 HP

AF-300G11 Fuji Electric Variable...

AF-300G11 Variable Speed Drive

CP32FM/20 Fuji Electric CIRCUIT...


CPS-10FB Fuji Electric Power Supply

CPS-10FB Power Supply

EG53F Fuji Electric Circuit Breaker 50A

EG53F Circuit Breaker 50A

FLD-505A-A10 Fuji Electric Micrex-F...

FLD-505A-A10 Micrex-F Program Loader

FPF56X-A10 Fuji Electric PLC Module

FPF56X-A10 PLC Module

FRN2.2G9S-4EN Fuji Electric...

FRN2.2G9S-4EN Transistor Inverter

FVR0.2C11S-2 Fuji Electric Inverter...

FVR0.2C11S-2 Inverter Drive

FVR0.2E11S-2 Fuji Electric Drive

FVR0.2E11S-2 Drive