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Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) helps industrial customers around the world through its products to operate in secure, reliable, efficient, sustainable and more profitable facilities. Honeywell offers state-of-the-art technologies, allowing plants to ensure more productive and stable operations.

WiAutomation offers a wide range of Honeywell industrial automation parts.

Active filters

5271200 Honeywell Gauge Control

5271200 Gauge Control

5291201 Honeywell 8 Channel Contact...

5291201 8 Channel Contact I/O Assembly Module

5291800 Honeywell DC Contact Input...

5291800 DC Contact Input Buffer

5319004 Honeywell ECC Memory Controller

5319004 ECC Memory Controller

5330001 Honeywell Serial Keyboard...

5330001 Serial Keyboard Interface

5330100 Honeywell Fiber Optics...

5330100 Fiber Optics Driver/Receiver

5330500 Honeywell CM Station Interface

5330500 CM Station Interface

5332000 Honeywell Serial Interface...

5332000 Serial Interface No. 1 Type 2

5332600 Honeywell PC Board Water...

5332600 PC Board Water Contact Sensor

10001/R/1 Honeywell Vertilcal Bus...

10001/R/1 Vertilcal Bus Driver (Relay)

10002/1/2 Honeywell Run Stop Keyed...

10002/1/2 Run Stop Keyed Module

10004/1/1 Honeywell Communication Module

10004/1/1 Communication Module