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Sick is a manufacturer of sensors and solutions for industrial applications. The company is active in the fields of industrial automation and process automation.

WiAutomation offers a wide range of Sick industrial automation parts.

Active filters

WT250-P460 Sick Hall effect switch

WT250-P460 Hall effect switch

1010578 Sick Reader DME2000-000

1010578 Reader DME2000-000

1018098 Sick Receiver CI 4 h 750 mm...

1018098 Receiver CI 4 h 750 mm r40 C20E-075303A21

1000131 Sick Triple Reflector SW50,...

1000131 Triple Reflector SW50, 50D, Glass, 300°

1000132 Sick PT: Reflettore PL50A 60...

1000132 PT: Reflettore PL50A 60 x 78 mm Hexagonal

1002314 Sick reflector PL30A

1002314 reflector PL30A

1003546 Sick Reflector PL22-1

1003546 Reflector PL22-1

1003865 PL80A Sick Reflector, PL 80A,...

1003865 Reflector, PL 80A, 80x80mm2, for photecell VL 18-22

1012720 Sick Reflector, size 40x60mm,...

1012720 Reflector, size 40x60mm, PMMA, PVC, Typ PL40A

1013750 Sick Reflector photocell,...

1013750 Reflector photocell, MSLS03-14021A

1015040 Sick Mirror, PMS-12-3033003

1015040 Mirror, PMS-12-3033003

1015617 Sick Photocell MSLS0324071

1015617 Photocell MSLS0324071