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The MELSEC series of programmable logic controllers Mitsubishi Electric supports a wide range of production and infrastructure applications; Solutions range from control and security devices to information management and instrumentation. The MELSEC series contributes to the construction of cutting-edge control systems owing to its capabilities, performance, product variety, and high reliability.







Active filters

Mitsubishi Electric 4KEROM Memory...

4KEROM Memory Chip 8K Eeprom

Mitsubishi Electric A1SY71 Output Module

A1SY71 Output Module

Mitsubishi Electric K0J2-DR Basic...

K0J2-DR Basic Unit Sequence Controller

Mitsubishi Electric GT15-QC30B 3m...

GT15-QC30B 3m GT1500 & Melsec Q Bus Cable

Mitsubishi Electric ST1AD2-V Analog...

ST1AD2-V Analog Input Module

Mitsubishi Electric A0J2-E28DR I/O...

A0J2-E28DR I/O Module

Mitsubishi Electric F-10ER-ES PLC...

F-10ER-ES PLC Expansion Module

Mitsubishi Electric KY11N Output Unit

KY11N Output Unit

Mitsubishi Electric Q00CPU CPU Module

Q00CPU CPU Module

Mitsubishi Electric ST1B-E4IR2...

ST1B-E4IR2 Terminal Block Module

Mitsubishi Electric A0J2-E28DT...

A0J2-E28DT Expansion I/O Module

Mitsubishi Electric F1-20ER...

F1-20ER Input/Output Expansion Module